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Free Chess Puzzles

IDGoalWhitevs.Black DateECOResult#MovesMated ByViews Opening Table
Puzzle 5807Checkmate White In Four MovesSnelheidvs.andyjoe2010A010-172Qg1#21. b3 e6
Puzzle 5806Checkmate White In One MoveSuperZerdaxvs.fjjvh2007A000-196Rxc1#41. h4 a5
Puzzle 5805Checkmate White In Four MovesSuperZerdaxvs.fjjvh2007A000-196Rxc1#31. h4 a5
Puzzle 5804Checkmate White In One Movemurielvs.ChessDeamon2002A000-1114Qxf3#31. f3 c5
Puzzle 5803Checkmate Black In Two Movesprinsvaldemarvs.IFDThor2010A001-089Qe8#51. c3 Nf6
Puzzle 5802Checkmate White In Two MovesLaurentDelaonvs.MarceloHinojosa2009A000-156Qg1#51. c3 Nf6
Puzzle 5801Checkmate White In One MoveLaurentDelaonvs.MarceloHinojosa2009A000-156Qg1#71. c3 Nf6
Puzzle 5800Checkmate Black In One MoveTiagoMaxivs.VitorJack2007A021-051Rd8#41. f4 Na6
Puzzle 5799Checkmate White In One Movefjjvhvs.Tschakka2010A000-170d1=Q#41. Nh3 Nf6
Puzzle 5798Checkmate Black In Four MovesTiagoMaxivs.VitorJack2007A021-051Rd8#31. f4 Na6
Puzzle 5797Checkmate Black In Two MoveschessBULLYvs.leonking2016A021-045Rxf8#41. f4 a6 2. Nf3
Puzzle 5796Checkmate White In Two MovesPalamambronvs.Makou2010A020-184Re1#21. f4 Na6
Puzzle 5795Checkmate White In One MovePalamambronvs.Makou2010A020-184Re1#51. f4 Na6
Puzzle 5794Checkmate Black In Two Movesmakhijanivs.clementi2003A021-091Rf8#31. f4 e6 2. d4
Puzzle 5793Checkmate Black In One Movemakhijanivs.clementi2003A021-091Rf8#21. f4 e6 2. d4
Puzzle 5792Checkmate White In One MoveMIHAILOPvs.BaukeStaunton2013A000-138Bg4#61. Nc3 Nf6 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. e4 e5
Puzzle 5791Checkmate White In Two MovesGoobervs.jerrod2001A000-126Rh5#51. f3 e5 2. Kf2 d5
Puzzle 5790Checkmate Black In Four MovesAndreDvs.Andropov2000A001-063Qb4#61. f3 e6
Puzzle 5789Checkmate Black In Two MovesAndreDvs.Andropov2000A001-063Qb4#61. f3 e6
Puzzle 5788Checkmate White In Two Movesfjjvhvs.Tschakka2010A000-170d1=Q#31. Nh3 Nf6

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